Beatrice is an artist that carries you deep into the textured soundscapes of her cinematic bass music. A vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer from Melbourne, she has an artistic bipolarity and sophistication that weaves itself through every beat, bar and polyrhythm.

She creates compelling and intimate music with a gritty distorted edge that immediately strikes a chord with audiences and Beatrice has recently garnered industry attention with an invitation to attend the inaugural Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal in 2016, as well as participation in The Seed conference and two Arts Victoria grants to fund her premier release in the upcoming months.

Live on stage Beatrice transforms into electronic vocal lushness and a futuristic atmosphere of deep hip hop, subterranean bass and electrifying break beats. A recent addition to the Operatives roster and a rising performer on the Australian festival circuit she has performed at most major electronic festival from Rainbow Serpent to The Falls Festival to Let Them Eat Cake, as well as supported such artists as Eprom, Lapalux, Mark Pritchard, Opiou, Mad Zach and Om Unit. She is also the DJ for Australian rapper Joelistics of TZU fame and is one of the co-founders of new pop band ‘Haiku Hands’, who work with producers such as Hermitude, Jaytee Hazard and Lewis Can Cut.

For the past five years Beatrice has been a workshop facilitator and advocate for Indigenous woman’s music throughout Australia. She is currently producing for and working with the Kardajala kirri-darra (Sand hill women) featuring songstress Eleanor Dixon, who are from Marlinja community in the Northern Territory. These ladies are the first all female band to perform at the Bush Bands Bash in August of this year and will be releasing their debut album early next year.

Back in her own studio, a space filled with vintage synths and samplers, stringed instruments and a myriad of curiosities, it’s a rich bed to create themany electronic music incarnations that will see her “Move toward the Mountain” EP premier release this year.

What you get with this lady is sincerity, thoughtfulness, intense beauty, and perhaps, best of all music that should be at once pondered and cherished.

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